Glasshouse Creative Media is a multi-disciplinary digital media studio based in Melbourne.

Selected Projects

Promotional Video & Photography

Heritage Documentation Fotoji

Promotional Video & Photography

Architectural Photography
3D Documentation Heritage Survey

Virtual Tour App & Promo Video

Studio Ethos

We believe the digital environment can enhance and deepen the experience of reality. We create functional, experiential and aesthetically beautiful products. Our slow design process produces innovative products that are nurtured, considered and worth doing.

We relish every creative journey. We love what we do, what can we do for you?


Directors Sarah Houseman and Ben Wrigley work with a diverse team of talented creatives – carefully selected for each project.

Core Team

Ben Wrigley is an award winning photographer, conceptual artist and art director with 20 years’ experience in architectural photography and the emerging digital media field. Ben is driven by aesthetics and the power of visual immersion as a way of conveying meaning and extending our experience.

Sarah Houseman’s career encompasses executive leadership, sales & marketing and organisational change and education. She facilitates generative conversations and brings a systems perspective, enabling fresh thinking and authentic collaborations with our clients. Sarah has worked in Australia and internationally bringing a rare combination of commerce, scholarship and a strategic approach to the company.

Josh Caspersz is a technical creative with a background in computer science. He has developed software applications for multiple clients and has worked in fast-paced startup environments. Josh is inspired to utilise technology to create intriguing experiences that are both engaging and intuitive.

Amy Campion is a strategic communications specialist, with a background in marketing, brand building, consumer insight generation and copywriting.  Having worked in Australia, the Middle East and Europe, she has a wide cultural perspective and works from a long term horizon. Amy uses deep consumer understanding to connect a client with their audience through verbal and non-verbal modes including visual, symbolic and cultural references.

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There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
Utopia today, flesh and bone tomorrow.

Victor Hugo


Glasshouse Creative Media specialise in immersive, experiential and educational apps. Our apps aim to be deceptively simple, and are informative, accessible and intuitive.

At their best apps are brilliant and captivating story tellers able to reach the world. Become a product owner by creating an app for your business. Connect with us now.

Virtual reality and time lapse extend the photographic experience and emphasises the immersive quality of the digital environment.

Talk to us about starting your VR journey with a virtual reality documentation, or explore how Glasshouse Creative Media might provide you with a sophisticated video experience.

Beauty and simplicity are powerful communicators, attracting and holding human attention. Our designs seek to communicate our customer’s essence by distilling their message into image, word and form.

Digital or print, our publications have a strong visual focus. Talk with us about creating beautiful, spacious engagement experiences in your marketing materials and books.

In addition to the conceptual development and project management of our discreet products such as apps and websites, Glasshouse Creative Media offers business development, marketing and education services.

Tools offered include: Strategic planning & foresight, consumer insight, market research, and The Natural Step Framework. Want to explore further?

Work with us

Glasshouse Creative Media are a creative and generative collective of specialists seeking to create products that inspire, educate, and connect with our clients’ audience through visually immersive products.
We believe great design is not formulaic, but is the product of considered observation, conversation, and collaboration. Like to work with us? Start a conversation now.

Call Ben Wrigley on +61 418 212 433